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Towards Sorting of Biolibraries Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence Detection Techniques

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 2 ]


Antonie J.W.G. Visser, Beno H. Kunst, Hans Keller and Arjen Schots   Pages 173 - 179 ( 7 )


The selection of specific binding molecules like peptides and proteins from biolibraries using, for instance, phage display methods can be quite time-consuming. It is therefore desirable to develop a strategy that is much faster in selection and sorting of potential binders out of a biolibrary. In this contribution we separately discuss the current achievements in generation of biolibraries, single-molecule detection techniques and microfluidic devices. A highthroughput microfluidic platform is then proposed that combines the propulsion of liquid containing fluorescent components of the biolibrary through microchannels, single-molecule fluorescence photon burst detection and real-time sorting of positive hits.


biolibrary, phage display, selection, sorting


MicroSpectroscopy Centre, Laboratory of Biochemistry, Wageningen University, Dreijenlaan 3, 6703HA Wageningen, The Netherlands.

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